• Chai Yew Meng

Ericsen Foundation & Suriana Welfare Society Food Aid Program Update

Subsequent to the earlier food pack delivery to 171 families (see update posted on 10th April) , we continue our efforts to reach out to the needy under our Food Aid Program. Last Saturday, 11th April, Ericsen Foundation jointly collaborated with Suriana Welfare Society, provided basic community food pack to 47 families in the following areas in Puchong:- - 12 families at PPR Taman Taman Putra Perdana; - 12 families at PPR Pangsapuri Sri Aman - 23 families at PPR Sri Dhalia Apartment Ericsen Foundation is a non-profit organisation that wants to ensure disadvantaged or underprivileged families are not neglected during this disastrous pandemic. We at Ericsen Foundation are deeply moved by your graciousness; your donations have made a difference to many lives. Let us spread love, humility, kindness, compassion and unity wherever we go. Together we can make this world a better place for everyone. (Note: our Food Aid Program is a separate campaign outside of the Malaysia COVID-19 Charity Drive on If you wish to donate to this Food Aid Program, kindly contact Ms Melisa Yuen at

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