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We comprise of a team of trusted, experienced and knowledgeable partners

Venture Capital

We identify investments with thoughtful and creative approaches by leveraging on our scale of business, access to market insights and sophisticated financial advice. Companies grow into market leaders and create long-term value for their customers, partners and shareholders. We work to execute successfully even in difficult market environments, due to broad access and established relationships.

Value Creation

We drive transformation from within, our foresight unlocks unrealised potential.

Full Alignment

We match our visions and interests with that of our portfolio companies as our mandate, to ensure a full commitment in delivering returns. 

Long Term Partnerships

We support, develop and maintain a thriving network based on trust, transparency and performance. We position each opportunity for growth with better research coverage and astute decision-making.

Flexibility & Innovation

The unorthodox wisdom of our team creates highly flexible, customised, and creative investment strategies for our portfolio companies.




Energy Resources




Real Estate


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