We are committed to working with communities to enhance lives

ONGOING Malaysia COVID-19 Charity Drive

Our Board of Trustees work together to dedicate their time and effort to initiate, plan and participate in charity projects and fund raising activities for philanthropic purposes. At times their expertise is utilised to lead everyday operations.


The Ericsen Foundation is a non-profit organization limited by guarantee under the Companies Act, 1965 (“CA”).

With the aim to give back to the community by enhancing the lives of individuals with terminal illness, Ericsenz formed its Foundation in 2011.

COVID-19 Efforts

The Foundation operates on a strong belief to serve. We are committed to give back to the communities that we operate in, with the aim to provide support for everybody regardless of ethnicities, faiths, genders and nationalities.

One of the Foundation’s primary missions is to provide financial relief for patients undergoing cancer treatment in Malaysia, focusing on helping low-income individuals and families. Projects have included fundraising drives for new medical equipment in hospitals, providing Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy and consultation, collaborating with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and providing monetary support to patients via
grants to help ease living expense and medical fees.

United in Adversity: COVID-19

These are extraordinary times, and it is critical that everyone who can, intensify their efforts to respond to community needs. To uplift the most vulnerable in our community amidst the pandemic by form of donations; equipment and essential items. To the people who have stepped forward, thank you for your contributions. We are immensely grateful to you.

Ericsen Foundation first initiative was to distribute medical equipment to our front liners through our fundraising website on give.asia. The Foundation has since expanded its operations and completed a Food Aid Program in support of the Suriana Welfare Society, for the underprivileged; delivering 365 food packs to families in need.

Ericsen Foundation has additionally commenced a project to be completed in August 2020 in collaboration with the Perak State Health Office to provide medical staff with 20,000 isolation gowns.


This pandemic has also brought out the best of community efforts and solidarity. Resources are a crucial source of support in this acute time to benefit the less fortunate. Once again we appeal to you to support our causes by making an outright donation. We would be most grateful by your kind gesture, irrespective of the amount.

Princess Rose's Royal Treat

Rose, like many other girls dreams of having a princess themed birthday party. However, her dreams seemed far-fetched as she suffered from leukaemia since she was young. Most of her days were spent in and out of the treatment room. She was preparing for a bone marrow transplant and under-went some uncomfortable procedures. Nevertheless, for her seventh birthday, she had something to look forward to.


Together with Make-A-Wish Malaysia, Ericsen Foundation organised a themed party inspired by Disney’s movie Frozen. Rose, dressed in a princess dress arrived at the Royal Selangor Club in a horse-drawn carriage, and was greeted by Prince Charming, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in hand, along with her family and friends. As she walked the red carpet, Rose was the centre of attention. The party was commemorated with Disney songs performed live. Rose’s favourite dishes was served and it was definitely a feast fit for a princess. After the party, Rose got into a stretch limousine with her family to carry on the celebrations at KLCC.

Courage & Inspiration Through Art

The Ericsen Foundation is proud to own a very special piece of art. ‘The Book of Life’ by acclaimed pop culture artist David Kracov. But the piece is much more than just art — it is a testimony to an exceptional man, Rabbi Yossi Raichik, whose charitable work helped improve the lives of 2547 children who survived the Chernobyl disaster. This metal sculpture was purchased by one of our trustees and donated to the Foundation.

This beautiful sculpture is made from metal, with colourful butterflies bursting from the pages of a book. The butterflies represent the fragility of a child’s life, and the metallic pages of the book are filled with the words of people whose lives were touched by Rabbi Yossi Raichik.

The art piece is sometimes loaned to various exhibitions, in hopes of inspiring people and and spreading the message of love and kindness are borderless.

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